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Apply for BBB Accreditation and show your customers that your company is ethical and honest.

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Why BBB?

  • Users searched for businesses on more than 173 million times last year.
  • 84% of accredited businesses believe that BBB Accreditation builds trust with their customers.
  • Every 4 seconds someone researches a business with BBB Northwest + Pacific.

Increase Your Visibility

Greater Exposure

You get listed in BBB's Accredited Business Directory, which puts you in front of consumers looking for trusted businesses.

Enhanced Credibility

The BBB Accreditation Seal adds additional credibility to nearly 400,000 businesses across North America.


Accreditation helps your business stand out from your competitors by showing your commitment to honesty and integrity.

Business Tools

BBB provides several resources and tools to help businesses succeed and thrive in a competitive marketplace.

BBB Referral Program

Consumers will be able to request a quote from BBB Accredited Businesses directly from their BBB Business Profile page.

BBB Business Profile

The customizable profile allows your business to showcase your products, services, and track record in the marketplace.


Building Better Businesses

Listen to real business owners like you describe their partnership with BBB

Exclusive Programs & Services

  • Monthly business intelligence report.
  • Request-a-quote program.
  • Dedicated BBB representative.
  • Industry articles and tips to help grow your business.
  • Access to educational and networking events.
  • Dynamic BBB Seal to put on your website.
  • Marketing programs and tools.

About BBB

People today are overwhelmed with choices – and often unsure about where to find verified, unbiased information. There are more than 30 million businesses in North America alone; and hundreds of thousands of sites around the world where people shop online. There are thousands of free and subscription websites that offer a range of information, including reviews, reports, directories, listings, and gripe sites. BBB is the one place you can find it all.

For over 100 years, BBB has helped people make smarter decisions and is evolving to meet fast changing marketplace needs.

  • BBB sets standards for ethical business behavior and monitors compliance. Almost 400,000 Accredited Businesses meet and commit to our high standards.
  • BBB helps consumers identify trustworthy businesses, and those that aren’t, through more than 5 million BBB Business Profiles.
  • BBB sets standards for and evaluates thousands of advertisements each year to ensure that people can trust what advertisers say.
  • BBB sets standards for and evaluates the practices of thousands of charities so that donors know where their money is going.
  • BBB coaches businesses on ethical behavior and how to build stronger, more trusting relationships with their customers.

BBB offers its national and local consumer services online and in person. Through our efforts, BBB helps millions of people each year.

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